La Calice Cup

La Calice Cup is a month-long STG event featuring twelve beloved shoot-em-up games and four teams comprised of some of's biggest shmup fans. Bringing together newcomers to the genre and hardened STG veterans, La Calice Cup is an opportunity for players of every skill level to battle for points, in a competition where every high score could make all the difference.

Organized through the wit and charm of DenT4F and enabled by snowcrash__ technical wizardry.

Start: June 1st, 2019 @ 12:00am

End: June 30th, 2019 @ 11:59pm

Winning Team: Inglorious Gaijins (6,342 points) Team Leaderboard

Top Scorer: Jaimers (1,116 points) Individual Leaderboard


Armed Police Batrider - B Version (Japan) (Fri Feb 13 1998)Raizing / 8ing

Hi-Score: 11,652,370Pearl

Batsugun (set 1)Toaplan

Hi-Score: 20,535,430Jaimers

Detana!! Twin Bee (Japan ver. J)Konami

Hi-Score: 2,559,550Jaimers

DoDonPachi (Japan, master ver. 97/02/05)Atlus / Cave

Hi-Score: 334,645,940Jaimers

Dragon Spirit (new version (DS3))Namco

Hi-Score: 549,400Neo_antwon

Eco Fighters (931203 etc)Capcom

Hi-Score: 1,798,200Jaimers

G.I. Joe (Japan, JAA)Konami

Hi-Score: 2,787BareKnuckleRoo

Gunbird (Japan)Psikyo

Hi-Score: 1,685,600Vludi

Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001Nazca

Hi-Score: 2,390,700ggmaximo

Ray Force (Ver 2.3J 1994/01/20)Taito Corporation

Hi-Score: 7,297,500Jaimers

Thunder Dragon 2 (9th Nov. 1993)NMK

Hi-Score: 5,641,900Vludi

Raiden Fighters (Japan set 1)Seibu Kaihatsu

Hi-Score: 51,471,730Erppo