Past Tournaments

La Calice Cup Winter 2019

This Thanksgiving you're thankful for shmups. The STG tourney that brings together casuals and world record holders is back. New teams and another twelve games provide opportunity to grow and compete.

One month to improve your scores on each game. Every score submitted matters. Who will take La Calice Cup Cup home in time for Christmas?

6 teams - 132 players - 13 games

La Calice Cup

La Calice Cup is a month-long STG event featuring twelve beloved shoot-em-up games and four teams comprised of some of's biggest shmup fans. Bringing together newcomers to the genre and hardened STG veterans, La Calice Cup is an opportunity for players of every skill level to battle for points, in a competition where every high score could make all the difference.

Organized through the wit and charm of DenT4F and enabled by snowcrash__ technical wizardry.

4 teams - 44 players - 12 games