La Calice Cup

Online team STG score tournaments, and individual leaderboards.

Past Tournaments:

La Calice Cup 7

Team Format.

10 Games.

S T G C - 8

No Teams

3 Arcade Games (Zerst's Picks)

Dad Fest

No Teams

8 Games released before 1985 

S T G C - 7

No Teams
3 Games (DentT4F's picks)

La Calice Cup 5

The classic Calice format with teams and 13 games (almost all shmups).

S T G C - 6

No Teams

3 Games (ggmaximo's picks)

S T G C - 5

No Teams

3 Games (ohfivepro's picks)

S T G C - 4

No Teams 

3 Games (Barra's picks)

S T G C - 3

No Teams

3 games, 3 weeks

La Calice Cup 4 - Arcade Variety

Team format is finally back but there's a twist. Shmups are taking the backseat this time around. 

Time to show these shmup heads how to kick, punch, drive, jump and solve puzzles.. or it's time to prove that you can do more than tap dodge and shoot at stuff.

S T G C - 2

Featuring 3 games, 3 weeks to play

2 shmups, 1 arcade variety game

S T G C - 1

Featuring 3 Games and 1 Month to submit scores

La Calice Cup Special

In this Special edition of La Calice, we have an unusually large selection of games and two months to submit our best scores. Compete on the overall leaderboard or ignore any game you don't want to play/buy, the choice is yours. A total of 30 games and your 18 best ranks will be counted towards your total. 

Many of these games don't have a populated online leaderboard and our community has the power to change that! 

La Calice Cup 3

STG is risen! Coming this April, celebrate the return of the premier online shoot 'em up score tournament; La Calice Cup. The moment that superplay score veterans and casual 1CC chasers alike have been waiting for finally arrives, with opportunities to compete across 10 classic shoot 'em up games - 8 selected by the community across lovingly curated categories, and 2 which fate shall decide.

Many teams will compete, but only one will rise above the rest to claim the coveted Calice Cup!

La Calice Cup 2

This Thanksgiving you're thankful for shmups. The STG tourney that brings together casuals and world record holders is back. New teams and another twelve games provide opportunity to grow and compete.

One month to improve your scores on each game. Every score submitted matters. Who will take La Calice Cup Cup home in time for Christmas?

La Calice Cup

La Calice Cup is a month-long STG event featuring twelve beloved shoot-em-up games and four teams comprised of some of's biggest shmup fans. Bringing together newcomers to the genre and hardened STG veterans, La Calice Cup is an opportunity for players of every skill level to battle for points, in a competition where every high score could make all the difference.

Organized through the wit and charm of DenT4F and enabled by snowcrash__ technical wizardry.