La Calice Cup Winter 2019

This Thanksgiving you're thankful for shmups. The STG tourney that brings together casuals and world record holders is back. New teams and another twelve games provide opportunity to grow and compete.

One month to improve your scores on each game. Every score submitted matters. Who will take La Calice Cup Cup home in time for Christmas?

Start: November 1st, 2019 @ 12:00am

End: December 1st, 2019 @ 11:59pm

Winning Team: Crypt of Kiwi (38,583 points) Team Leaderboard

Top Scorer: Jaimers (3,733 points) Individual Leaderboard


Armed FormationNichibutsu

Hi-Score: 8,581,400Prales

Dangun FeveronCave

Hi-Score: 8,009,570Prales


Hi-Score: 53,124,150Jaimers

Galaga '88 (Japan)Namco

Hi-Score: 1,640,540Xur


Hi-Score: 1,974,790Prales

Image Fight (Japan)Irem

Hi-Score: 1,294,500Prales

Mahou DaisakusenRaizing

Hi-Score: 2,530,570chum


Hi-Score: 1,026,300Ako

Same! Same! Same! (1P)Toaplan

Hi-Score: 1,621,420chum

Sky Adventure (World/Japan)Alpha Denshi Co.

Hi-Score: 11,504Ako

Star ForceTehkan

Hi-Score: 3,043,700Prales

Super Spacefortress Macross II (Beginner Course)NMK

Hi-Score: 3,633,110Ako

Sengoku Blade / TengaiPsikyo

Hi-Score: 1,694,400LyvMeAlone